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Graphic Design three workbook of Inkyung Song and Benoit Crottaz

Reworked intro.

Added a visual element to fill out the page a bit more. This also adds a bit of context/content.

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New cover

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Redone page four again

I’m really enjoying the research you have done In kyung. It’s helpful for the realization of our graphic ID. here is page 4 redone again. hopefully this will help you design the family tree.

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research the design



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family tree (page 5)

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Just re-worked the bottom left. It didn’t stand out enough.

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Family tree frame i used to build up the structure of the tree on page four.

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Reworked page four again

Changed from interim. The idea if the cracks been a family tree was not clear enough. removed the house because it was creating to much of a cluster.

We can get another one if it is needed. This will lead on to page 5 in the form of a healthy continuing family tree. This is beginning to happen in the bottom right with the protection order.

This is contrasted with the part of the family that maintains an abusive family resulting in two deaths including a suicide.

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reworked for interim

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