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Graphic Design three workbook of Inkyung Song and Benoit Crottaz

Graphs and data charts

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OK so this graph shows a rise around 1994 due to a law change.

“The rise in convictions to 1994 is likely to be associated with the re-emphasising of

the Police Family Violence Policy in 1993 which states that, except in exceptional circumstances,

offenders should be arrested if there is sufficient evidence, and that the more serious charge

of Male Assaults Female should be used in most circumstances.”

This data form shows protection order applicant numbers.

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From New Zealand Ministry of Justice

Will be adding a post soon after I have read through it and gained something from it.

Think we need to start thinking about the 8 sections in the final piece. I will start

to filter things into place after reading this. (It’s rather big so I will be selective.)

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nz stats

Some statistics on domestic violence in New Zealand

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