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Graphic Design three workbook of Inkyung Song and Benoit Crottaz

Getting more into understanding it in New Zealand

The above website has some direct information on domestic violence in NZ.

“In a violent relationship, everyone is a victim.”

Even the abuser themselves.

What does the law mean by “domestic violence’?

Domestic violence is not only a fist in the face or a kick in the head. The law says that violence can be physical, sexual or psychological. Physical abuse. Nobody – including a husband, wife, partner, or an adult who looks after children – has the right to hit, punch, kick or in any way assault another person. Sexual abuse. Nobody is allowed to have any sexual contact with another person without permission. Psychological abuse. This includes intimidation, threats and mind games. Below are just a few things that the Family Court recognises as psychological abuse:

  • damaging property as a way of hurting someone
  • making threats, such as “If you leave, I’ll kill you”, “Do that again and I’ll give you a hiding”, “Tell the Police and I’ll beat up the kids”
  • allowing a child to see or hear any family violence
  • trying to control someone’s life by constantly humiliating them
  • controlling someone’s money, time, car or contact with friends as a way of having power over them

Hard Truths

  • The longer it goes on, the more violent it gets
  • About 10 children are killed every year in family violence
  • One woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every five weeks
  • Women’s Refuge assisted about 20,000 women and children last year
  • Psychological abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse
  • Children who hear or see family violence can suffer psychological harm

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Working on the metaphore/message development

Something I forgot to add in the post with the Rubik cube. I like the idea of the family tree, I think it may benefit from additional graphic elements. Something like the cage perhaps. We could have a part or parts of the family tree caged of to show the idea that domestic violence has become acceptable through the generations.

This website has interesting information on how domestic violence goes from generation to generation through witnessing it.

Snippets included worth noting are:

children repeat what they have been taught.

boys who grow up in homes where domestic violence is occurring are 100 times more likely to become abusers than boys in violence-free homes.

A child’s exposure to the father abusing the mother is the strongest risk factor of transmitting violent behavior from one generation to the next.

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A few thoughts from reading through our research

Used to gain or maintain power TOTAL CONTROL

Sexually fueled  to control, using psychology to keep dominance over the victim.

IPV = intimate partner violence

Women the victim=popular thought but not always the case.

Intimate Terrorism

interesting as this kind of imagery is so far from a family, contrasting sets of

experience but at the heart of it the main principles remain.

keeping people scared is a way to control there actions relative to the offender.


Never let the victim leave the house

lock them in the closet

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