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Graphic Design three workbook of Inkyung Song and Benoit Crottaz




ASSIGNMENT ONE: Understanding Context


The biggest problem with domestic violence is that it is passed on to future generations resulting in a continued cycle of violence and abuse. The idea that domestic violence breaks relationships through multiple generations is our message. We decided to use the family tree as our main vehicle to communicate this. A tree can show the historical time line of a family as well as healthy/ not healthy. healthy being represented by growing and flourishing young plant shoots and unhealthy by dead branches lacking any leaves. On page four, the page representing “the message” a dieing family tree can be seen with a number of branches effectively being stopped by the death of some of the family members. This family has being affected by domestic violence for a number of generations. In the top right of page four young living plant shoots can be seen to grow onto page five (the clients motivation). Page five works in conjunction with page four to show how domestic violence breaks down relationships whilst a lack of domestic violence creates flourishing and ongoing relationships. We want to communicate to people in relationships (the audience) that domestic violence destroys relationships. Page six represents why the audience would want to abstain from committing domestic violence because of the possible repercussions. Page eight communicates that people have a choice weather to commit domestic violence or not. The scale containing the people in conversation is weighed down more. This represents communication as the best solution to issues faced in relationships. We want people to be motivated to communicate with their partners and not commit domestic violence¬† whilst being aware they have the choice but know the possible consequences.

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